Avatar – Review

December 20, 2009 in Movie Reviews, New Releases, Sci Fi by Ralph

For the first viewing I saw Avatar in Digital 3D.

My review for the movie itself is as follows…. Brilliant! The only real negative thing I can say about the film is predictability… the massive advertising campaign and leaked footage contributed hugely to this, giving away a large chunk of the story and it’s characters. That being said, there was so much going on visually, that the predictable story telling was easily forgiveable. In a nutshell, we’ve seen the story a dozen times, but this film was not necessarily about the story, but more about the presentation or experience. Each and every detail of Pandora (the world) and it’s inhabitants is fleshed out meticulously, giving the viewer everything they need to understand and feel the plight of the Na’vi. The characters are equally fleshed out, both human and Na’vi, breathing life and emotion into a fully and digitally realized world. The scenes on Pandora are beautiful and the blending between real and digital is almost seamless (the best we’ve seen to date). The film runs at about 2 hours and 45 minutes, but you don’t feel it. Avatar is one film you don’t want to miss!

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