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The Cabin in the Woods – Review

OK, if you don’t know who Joss Whedon is, then you probably shouldn’t be on this site. Joss Whedon is the one, the only, the master… the man who brought us Firefly… and Serenity (My favorite TV show EVER, and the movie that concluded the series). It should also be noted that Joss Whedon is responsible for the upcoming Avengers film that is gonna kick all kinds of ass next month!!!! What Whedon has done here is create a horror film that is a little scary, very funny, and cool on soooo many levels! The film however is only co-written and produced by Whedon. It is actually masterfully directed by first time feature helmer Drew Goddard (the writer behind Cloverfield).

Five friends drive up to a remote cabin in the woods owned by a cousin of one of the group. Que horror movie setup. The group finds a cellar filled with junk and while checking out items of interest, one of them reads a latin passage from an old journal. Evil erupts in the form of an undead family thirsty for the blood of the living. Who will survive the slaughter and who will live long enough to discover the secrets that lurk beneath the cabin in the woods!

First…. GO SEE IT!

The Cabin in the Woods is intelligent, funny, gruesome and just so damn original. The main story is at first a thinking man’s game, but simple enough to at least partially figure out by the halfway mark. It’s filled with laugh out loud moments, but they don’t come at you as they would a comedy. Whatever fun there is fits the scope of the film. There’s a scene where one of the technicians is on the phone with the harbinger Mordecai (Tim De Zarn) that feels very akin to the Robot Chicken Star Wars segment where the Emperor is talking to Vader on the phone… hilarious! The lighter atmosphere of the film is generated mostly from the bunker, while the horror is played out in an old cabin that looks suspiciously familiar (think Evil Dead). There is such a contrast between the two sets that when they collide it’s nothing short of epic!

The Cabin in the Woods brings together your standard horror movie victim list, but unlike a lot of the mainstream stuff, the cast has perfect chemistry on all levels, all of them likeable, all of them delivering excellent performances. Chris Hemsworth as the “jock”, Anna Hutchison as the “whore”, Fran Kranz as the “fool”, Jesse Williams as the “brain”, and finally Kristen Connolly as the “virgin”. Even the two lead technicians played by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are awesomely hilarious, especially Whitford’s obsession with the Merman. What they witness is always horrific, but they’ve been at it so long they’ve become desensitized to the point of opening betting pools and waiting for the inevitable boob shot.

It’s really hard to go on about The Cabin in the Woods without giving too much away. There are definitely people out there who probably wouldn’t enjoy a film like this, but if you even have an ounce of nerd love in ya, enjoy monsters (and there’s a lot of them), gore and a little comedy, this film should be at the top of your list! The Cabin in the Woods is the solid original horror movie Hollywood needed to help redeem itself from the endless barrage of remakes, sequels and rip offs we’ve been subjected to over the last decade!

For the average movie-goer I would rate this an easy 8 out of 10, but if you, like me have a love for this kinda stuff, The Cabin in the Woods is a solid 10! I had an absolute blast and look forward to seeing it at least one more time! Even if you’re not a horror fan, it’s worth checking out.

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  1. Saw this yesterday and just like the trailer and Ebert said, we didn’t see it coming. At least not right away. Like you said, you can figure it out about half way through when they start dropping hints, but…what a great idea! Cube+Evil Dead+horror cliches+…I don’t know, Joss Whedon I guess. Pretty cool opening credit sequence with the title covering the screen and nice loud BAM! I wish we got to see more of the ending though. How about a sequel so we can see what happens? That would rule!

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