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Being Human (UK) – Season 4 Finale!


Here we are at the end of season 4 of the original UK Being Human. A lot has happened to spark outcries from dedicated fans this past season. With Mitchell’s heart wrenching death at the end of season 3 (cast in The Hobbit), and George and Nina dying at the start of season 4 (I might add, George’s death was simply brilliant), all that remained was Annie… poor Annie. Oh, and Tom! First off, Annie’s character has always put me off, portrayed as a bit of a bubble head obsessed with making tea… Brits and their tea. Anyways, this season we see Annie charged with the care and defense of George and Nina’s “Warchild”. Can Tom and her manage such a task with the vampire nation descending on them?

With all the death that plagued the end of the third and into the fourth series, we are also introduced to another trio. Hal, Leo and Pearl. Leo and Pearl only last a couple of episodes, leaving Hal (the vampire) with Tom (the Werewolf) and of course Annie. Some surprise twists and great character development prove to make an unexpectedly strong season.

Most of the series is spent focussing on the “Warchild”, the first birthed werewolf that is prophesized to bring the end to the vampire nation. Despite their differences, Hal and Tom develop a strong bond even through many bumps in the road, but Annie’s story revolves around George and Nina’s child. The characters as a whole feel distanced with Tom and Hal dealing with the vampires, and Annie trying to deal with a lot on her own. As the season progresses though, we finally get to see Annie do something useful, a glimpse at what’s to come as she handles Kirby (sent to kill the baby).

In the final few episodes, a lot happens… a lot! Hal goes on a date, who is later killed and fed upon… a new ghost (hotter and smarter than Annie IMO). Tom is released in full transformation onto an unsuspecting dance club, where we eventually find out there is another group pulling strings, not vampires. And finally Annie meets Eve (ghost Eve) who informs her of what must be done. Eve is the warchild, and the scriptures have been misread. It is only through Eve’s death as an infant that the vampires will fall. Annie must now make a choice… save humanity, or protect the child she’s grown to love.

Inevitably the season finale is the swan song for Annie’s character, and we are left going into season 5 with an entirely new trio. Hal and Tom have proven themselves this season with some brilliant writing. Making Hal an “old one” really adds to the depth of his character. Alex, the new ghost, is far more fun than Annie ever was, and she learns quickly as we see in the finale. And Tom…. well, Tom just grows on you throughout the season, and his last line in the season to Hal resonates how much the character has grown on you!

If Doctor Who can successfully do it, and Primeval has successfully done it now, Being Human should not be judged until you’ve given the new cast a fair shake. I for one am very happy with changes. Mitchell, George and Annie will be missed, but if the writing continues at the high standard we’re used to, Being Human will survive many more seasons… hopefully.

R.I.P. George, Nina, Mitchell and Annie!

Check in next week when I give my thoughts on Season 2 of the American version of Being Human.

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