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Black Devil Doll – Review

Wow,I did not know what to expect from this film. I thought, maybe a lower budget Chucky, boy was I wrong. Black Devil Doll is quite possibly one of the most violent and offensive films I’ve seen in a very long time. Jonathan Lewis directs his first film that could have easily been dismissed as another nugget of crap lost amongst hundreds of low budget titles released every year. It’s still crap, but its loaded with enough nudity to almost be considered soft core porn, enough racism to question your values for watching it in the first place, and buckets of laughably cheap gore. The Lewis brothers knew how to get their film noticed, and tread where most indie film makers wouldn’t. I don’t know if its balls or stupidity, but Black Devil Doll has achieved a cult status based on these merits.

The spirit of a violent, radical black activist possessess a young woman’s ventriloquist doll after he is put to death for killing and raping white women. Once Heather (Heather Murphy) realizes that her doll is posessed… and has a very large wooden… you know, she falls in love with it. This begins the Doll’s journey to satisfy its sexual appetite and take out its carnal rage on all of Heather’s friends.

So, I got through the entire film… I think I need a shower. It has its moments, but Black Devil Doll is one of those movies that if you’re gonna watch, watch it with friends… intoxicated if possible. The acting is horrible… we’re talking porn level performances. I mean c’mon, you know its bad when the wooden dummie delivers a better performance than the entire cast. In its defence though, not one of the actors has any real experience… I’d go so far as to say the women in this film are probably all strippers. Then there’s White T (Martin Boone), an even more painful performance… but he gets bumb thumped by the doll… justice served. Seriously, there’s a ton of nudity, but there isn’t a shred of talent here.

The effects are pretty terrible also, but honestly… on par with most films of this grade. I wonder who was in charge of shooting the Black Devil Doll jiz… The first time he blows his load is probably the funniest part of the movie… because it was so damn unexpected! This film is full of scenes that leave you thinking “I can’t believe they just did that!”… not in a good way. The doll itself gets the full marrionette treatment… but looks ridiculous most of the time… sorta like that Marionation stuff… but worse. The doll walking shots, and some of the expressions are actually pretty funny though.

Plagued with terrible acting and silly effects, Black Devil Doll is still good for a couple of laughs, but its just so damn offensive most of the time, its hard to recommend to anyone. Like I said though, its definately found a following, and if you like watching 3ft wooden dummies raping anything with an ass, than this movie is for you!

Black Devil Doll is available now, on DVD only!

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