Galaxina – Review

May 4, 2010 in Movie Reviews, Sci Fi, The 80s by Ralph

Directed by William Sachs and starring Dorothy R. Stratten, Galaxina is a solid entry into the cheezy 80s sci fi canon. The movie itself is terrible on so many levels, but weirdly it retains a certain 80s charm that keeps me coming back every couple of years.

Galaxina (Stratten) is an android, a beautiful android whose job is to monitor the ship, serve the captain, and do just about anything that needs to be done. On their mission to recover a powerful crystal, the ship is attacked by an alien dark lord type.

One of the things that put Galaxina on the map was Stratten’s untimely demise shortly after the film was finished. Her husband Paul Snider committed the murder suicide just as her career was taking off. She was killed in August of 1980, exactly one year after being a Playboy Playmate in the August 1979 issue of the magazine. Galaxina has since gained a cult status among sci fi fans and 80s junkies.

The film starts with the Star Wars intro text crawl bringing the viewer up to speed. The film is a low budget parody of many popular sci fi films. The space scenes are bad green screen and cables, and the cruiser our heroes travel in is very falic looking. The overall effects are average for early 80s sci fi. It’s not Star Wars by any stretch, but it works. The alien “chestburster” burster gag is reduced to a vommit inducing egg that the captain eats. The villain is a metal mask and sparkling cape type with no hench men whatsoever. Think if Darth Vader were to pursue the entire rebellion alone in his little tie fighter… without the aid of the force… or a lightsabre… or even a cool raspy voice. Anyways… it’s a parody. The cantina scenes are very similar to Lucas’ in way of a lot of inanimate rubber masks. The creature effects budget probably got sunk into the rock eater and the alien, both full body suits with moving mouths. Later in the movie, we are treated to an infra red planet, a kinda psychadelic red hue. Galaxina is taken prisoner by a group of greaser biker cowboys who pray to their god Harley Davidson… The epic finale is…. less than epic, but if you’ve made it this far, it’s good cheezy fun!

As bad as Galaxina is, I still find it a core flic in my 80s collection. Most of the performances are typical 80s fair with Avery Schreiber pulling in a Dom DeLuise act that is actually funny at times. It’s light, stupid and brings back nostalgic feelings from my youth…. there’s a Playboy bunny in this one… gotta be some nudity… nope!

Enjoy it for what it is… or forget about it…

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