She’s Outta My League – Review

Directed by Jim Field Smith, She’s Outta My League is yet another film featuring the socially awkward Jay Baruchel, who is also in The Sorceror’s Apprentice later this year. The performances were great with excellent chemistry between the four friends, including Nate Torrence, whose constant romantic Disney references had me splittingĀ  a gut. Scenes between Burachel and Alice Eve were awkward but believable, but it was the supporting cast that really stole the show. Mike Vogel and TJ Miller were also quite funny! I saw this with a buddy hoping for something with some raunchy, edgy comedy, afterall it’s written by Sean Anders and John Morris, the guys who brought us Sex Drive (one of my favs of 2008) & the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine. Anyways, the raunch factor can be nailed down to maybe 2 scenes in the whole movie. Everything else wanders on the familiar path of romantic comedy, but that’s not necessarily bad. Overall, She’s Outta My League is a fun film, with a few laugh out loud moments, a good story, and a fun cast. Is it worth seeing in theatres… sure, but if you’re looking for this year’s Hangover, or an Apatow inspired raunch fest, it’s not here!

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