Leap Year – Review

January 31, 2010 in All, Comedy, Movie Reviews, New Releases, Romance by Ralph

Directed Anand Tucker, Leap Year is just an average fairly predictable romantic comedy, with some fantastic Irish scenery. Amy Adams is Anna, a young woman who pursues an ancient Irish tradition that allows women to propose to their boyfriends on February 29th of a leap year. Unfortunately, one of her flights gets cancelled and she is stranded in cardiff. The rest of the movie is her trudging her way to Dublin, where her boyfriend is on a business meeting. Along the way, and fairly early in the movie, she meets a man, Declan (likeably played by Matthew Goode), who agrees to get her there.

Anyways, I’m not going to ruin the rest, but it’s safe to say you’ve seen this film a dozen times before. The first act of the film seemed shallow and rushed which I guess in a lot of ways signified Anna’s current relationship. The second act drops to a crawl… significantly, again probably to signify the slower, more romantic side of the film. Unfortunately, for me, it almost seemed like they were traveling for a week, not a couple of days. In the final act, however, the pace is restored and we’re drawn to a fairly quick and obvious conclusion. Other than the beautiful locations, everything about Leap Year is familiar…safe. It never strives to be anything better, and will probably be forgotten in a few months like so many other romantic comedies that were good, but less than memorable.

So, I obviously saw this with my girlfriend, and actually ran into two otherĀ female friendsĀ in the same theatre. They all really liked it, so maybe, just maybe… my review might be reflective of my being a guy.

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