Edge Of Darkness – Review

January 30, 2010 in Action, All, Drama, Movie Reviews, New Releases by Ralph

Edge of Darkness is a new film by director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale and the upcoming Green Lantern film), starring Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone. The film is about a father’s search for revenge after his daughter is brutally gunned down in front of his home. First allow me to say this, Edge of Darkness is not an all out action flic as the trailers would have you believe. It is however a well crafted, albeit unoriginal, thriller about a man searching for the truth about his daughter’s death, and dealing out justice in his own way. Although Gibson is showing his age, he is perfectly cast in this role that also marks a great comeback to the big screen. The rest of the cast deliver great performances. The direction and cinematography are solid. The overall pacing of the film is perfect, building up to an explosive ending that is both satisfying and heart breaking. Edge of Darkness may not be a blockbuster, but it’s a very enjoyable film and I highly recommend it!

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